Bulgari breaks the rules of jewellery design once again with the new B.zero1 Labyrinth, a ring that is a declaration of the power of self-expression. Through the captivating curves of the spiral in rose and white gold, the ring expresses an innate ability to break free from conventions. Bringing an additional twist to this year’s creativity, the B.zero1 Design Legend line – the product of the combined talents of Bulgari and star architect Zaha Hadid – is enriched with revolutionary new designs.

Modelled on the Colosseum, Emperor Vespasian’s architectural statement of power, B.zero1 was designed to become an expression of strength and character which speaks the language of people who think big, from Imperial Rome to nowadays. With the bold vision of an emperor at its core, the compelling idea behind B.zero1’s unique design was to empower women through a jewel that was both unconventional and chic.


When B.zero1 was created in 1999, it pushed the boundaries of shape and form, with a three-dimensional and almost architectural look instead of the usual thin band as its focal point. Featuring a broad central band encircled by two flat rings engraved with the Bulgari double-logo, this creation boasted an unprecedented new look. An innovative and iconic design which defies classification.

With its striking appearance, it is also a perfect piece that brings an element of distinction to daily life; B.zero1 breaks the rules of how jewellery can be worn. It looks perfect on every finger, or stacked one above the other, or on a chain or a bracelet. B.zero1 announces a penchant for unconventionality in the very personal and effortlessly individualistic way it is worn. A jewel for both men and women, as self-expression has no gender barriers.

Over the years, B.zero1 has displayed an infinite ability to reinvent itself, with countless interpretations and the use of unconventional materials, like never-ending performance art. In 2010 the renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor lent his vision to the iconic ring by applying a mirror-like surface to the finish of the B.Zero1. Combining the traditional tubogas-inspired spiral with the gleaming and liquid curves typical of his work, Kapoor smoothly blended contemporary art with B.zero1’s bold identity. A new version of the B.Zero1 was recently launched, designed by architecture legend Zaha Hadid. Infusing Bulgari’s most celebrated icon with her design genius, Hadid added her signature curves to the wave-like shape of the ring, creating a feeling of movement reminiscent of her architectural masterpieces.

B.zero1 has not only charmed some of the great names of contemporary art, it has also taken inspiration from the worlds of art and design, constantly expressing itself with avant-garde shapes and truly innovative materials. From ceramic and coloured marble, to the combination of different types of gold into an ever changing spiral, B.zero1 amazes the world at every new appearance.


Functionality, flair, creative genius and an unmistakable touch of  audacity: that’s Italian design. The product of a beautiful and successful meeting between industry, manufacturing  and applied arts, it brings together the beautiful, the precious and the luxurious, resulting in objects that are part of everyone’s life.

Italian design plays an integral role in what the world thinks about Italian lifestyle. It sets a mood, and evokes a feeling. It is about seeking the beauty and the pleasure of life everywhere, looking at things differently. An ability which is part of the culture, and is almost innate.


Everyday objects are turned into attractive, harmonious and fine-looking creations, mirroring the wearer's taste, character and personality. By applying this concept to jewellery - the most intimate, most personal “objects” you can own – you get right to the essence of Italian creativity, and can wear it. B.zero1 is the quintessence of that unique feeling: with its balanced shape, striking lines and boldness, it is a piece of pure Italian flair on your skin, individual and unconventional - a most enjoyable experience.

Just as in the world of high-end design, where unexpected sources can lead to inspiration, B.zero1 merges Bulgari’s Roman identity with an ordinary item: the gas pipe. No other jeweller would have dared to turn such an idea into a ring, but Bulgari knew how to break the rules: the the industrial piece was reinterpreted and incorporated into the signature spiral of its iconic B.zero1 collection.

This is the hallmark of Italian jewellery and design: to work with unconstrained creativity, with an unconventionality that comes from a natural ability to think differently.





With an entrancing spiral, where rose gold blends into white gold in an optical play of fluid and unexpected forms, the new B.zero1 labyrinth symbolically reflects the Bulgari way of life: reinvent the rules and dare to be who you are, in the most authentic way.


Tailoring this creativity to different jewels, the collection is enriched with four new additions: a bold four-band ring in white and rose gold - also available in an even more precious version with pavé diamonds - and two feisty pendants from which two slightly miniaturized rings hang. The appearance of the new B.zero1 changes according to how you look at it: rose gold from the top and white gold from the bottom - or the opposite - and an entrancing spiral of curves carved by the liquid flow of gold when you get to its core.

The new chapter in the signature collection also introduces two bracelets with an edgy pendant available in black or white ceramic, and hoop earrings intertwined with the iconic spiral in rose gold.



It took somebody of the architectural calibre of Zaha Hadid to successfully revisit the design and to push the boundaries of the ring's rebellious nature. Bringing fresh radiance to the B.zero1 Design Legend collection, this year the postmodern spiral is enriched with new dimensions of brilliance: two rings in white or rose gold with matching pendants are set with a pavé of diamonds in varying sizes, filling the curvilinear structure of the legendary design with a shimmering sparkle. The gemstones intensify the sense of movement, with their different sizes and undulating settings giving a sense of flow.


For this extraordinary collaboration Hadid deconstructed the original central band with intersecting spirals that resemble undulating gold waves, creating a new geometry that highlights the fluid tactile nature of the silhouette. Held within two flat rings engraved with the classic Bulgari double logo, the Design Legend is both free-flowing and linear, brilliantly presenting a uniquely dynamic appearance that gives the metal an organic feel. When worn, the ring seems to float on your finger, hovering rather than enclosing, tricking the eye and demanding a closer look at its impossible construction.



It takes obstinacy, determination and the courage to follow one's own rules to run through a labyrinth, whether it is in one's imagination, in one's dreams or in real life. There is something very exciting about setting out on non-linear paths: it is a way to capture the beautiful in the unexpected, to experience one's own energy, to be open to life and discover new opportunities at every crossroads. As they say: it is the journey, not the destination, that matters.

For Bulgari a labyrinth is not a place in which one loses oneself but it is a place to find oneself. It is a journey of continuous experimentation, where instinct has a fundamental role and choice is the watchword: right or left, stop or go, new possibilities await behind every corner.


From art to cinema, to modern life symbols, labyrinths and women seem to build a perfect equation. The desire to live experiences – and to do so in their own way – is part of the vital energy of women, who are bold by nature and are able to do the impossible in their daily lives.

The labyrinth is the direct expression of the powerful insight that is expressed in Bulgari’s B.zero1 creations: all rules can be challenged, changed or reinvented. It might seem a paradox that in a construct that proposes a single solution with only one correct route from the outside to the centre, every person actually finds their own individual way.

A metaphor for life, this inspiring symbol encourages women to choose their own path and abandon predefined routes, with a mind that is open to everything and an ability to constantly reinvent the rules.





Charismatic and powerfully beautiful just like her favourite ring, Bella Hadid defines herself through her natural unconventionality. Determined yet shy, Bella faces her life under the spotlight with great determination and a touch of charming ingenuity: a model, an athlete and famous since birth, she willingly embraces change, accepting her life as herself with all her contradictions in the name of authenticity.

Strong, fierce and independent like a modern-day Amazon, Bella runs through her adventurous life as if she were on the catwalk - with feline instinctive force and innate energy. She has the ability to capture the camera lens with a single look, yet behind that serious and slightly sullen look, there is a passionate love for life and the natural brightness of a Californian girl. An incurable optimist, she knows how to make good things happen.


Reinventing the rules in everything she does, Bella believes in an individualism which is synonymous with following one's own path. She doesn’t care about being rebellious, she wants to live her own way. Wearing B.zero1 for Bulgari, Bella believes like the Roman jeweller that jewellery can inspire women to make their own rules: “B.zero1 represents my powerful side, the one that proclaims difference in the face of conformity.”

In her world of sharing, a piece of art, a dress, a jewel, or an object are the most exciting ways to express her true colours: “I think design says a lot about how we live, who we are and what we find beautiful. The world today is fluid: a painting becomes a bag, a dish inspires a dress,  an architectural masterpiece is crafted into a ring…To me design is one of the arts that best catches this flowing energy.” For Bella design always has its own story and the innate power to be captured in the most personal way.