Gucci launches its new timepieces and jewelry advertising campaign, starring Tippi Hedren

Gucci’s new advertising campaign for its timepieces and jewelry is permeated by a mysterious, mystical atmosphere that is perfectly in keeping with the aesthetic of the new collections.
Channelling an other-worldly spirit, inspired by the practise of divination, Gucci tells the story of a fortune teller who is visited by young people wearing key pieces from its timepieces and jewelry collections. The images focus on the Gucci Ouroboros, GG Running and Le Marché des Merveilles fine jewelry collections and also feature G-Frame, G-Timeless and the new automatic watches.
The star of the campaign is undoubtedly legendary American actress Tippi Hedren, who, after a career as a successful fashion model, became celebrated for her work with director Alfred Hitchcock in The Birds and Marnie .
In the new Gucci campaign, Hedren plays a mysterious fortune teller. Seated in a richly decorated interior in contemporary Los Angeles, with gilded gold chairs, silk table cloths, crystals and candles, she holds the attention of her young visitors as she practices the arts of palmistry and crystal ball reading.