It’s Time for Jordan

Time Center invites Watch Anish to make time for Jordan’s beauty.

Anyone who’s into watches certainly knows Watch Anish. One of the most popular and powerful horology-focused media brands out there, Watch Anish has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram (@watchanish), cult viewership on Snapchat (@watchanish), an active online magazine (, and scores of other social media platforms through which they give us a glimpse into the universe of ultra luxury watches with incredible imagery and fascinating stories.

Always on the go, Team Watch Anish uses the world as their stage, constantly flying to new destinations in search of top timepieces. We recently invited the globetrotting crew to Jordan to collaborate on our new Time Center advertising campaign, which seeks to highlight the kingdom’s epic sites.

From one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra, to the modern city of Amman to the coastal hub of Aqaba, Watch Anish’s journey through the country illustrates the breathtaking beauty of Jordan. And, of course, no voyage is complete without a trustworthy timepiece in tow. In this case, our unbeatable collection of the world’s best watches went along for the countrywide ride.

As Jordan’s leading watch specialists, we at Time Center appreciate the importance of time. As such, we’ve taken on the slogan: “It’s Time.” Far from simple, it’s a message that is profound, multifaceted, and subject to personal interpretation. Whether it’s time to explore, time for love, time for action, or time to life to the fullest, the time is now.

Time is mankind’s greatest indulgence. Anything with great merit takes time to craft. The Nabateans carved the grand city of Petra by hand from the sandstone desert cliffs over several lifetimes, while the ensuing passage of time softened the rocks flanking the entrance leading to the Treasury. And to truly grasp the splendor of the ancient city today, one must take the appropriate time to walk the winding paths, climb the countless stairs, and explore the numerous caves. In the same token, it takes a great deal of time to handcraft exquisite timepieces—from the intricate mechanics within to the delicately balanced exterior. Large or small, master engineering and skilled craftsmanship needs the luxury of time fueled by passion and expertise.

So, in the first chapter of our collaboration with Watch Anish, we toured none other than the majestic Rose City of Petra, which we’ve chronicled in a captivating video and spectacular photos. While many have visited the historical site, we guarantee no one has seen it from this vantage point. Join us on our first expedition because it’s time to appreciate the Hashemite Kingdom for all its beauty, history, tradition, and wonder.

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About Time Center

Through its sixty-year history, Time Center has grown from a small shop in downtown Amman to become the watch specialists they are today. The company's journey is due to the Kayali family's passion for watchmaking and determination to be the best. Today, Time Center can proudly say that they are Jordan's leading watch retailer.

Originally founded in the early 1950s, Time Center is the product of the Kayali family's passion, which has now spanned three generations. In 1952, Nasouh Kayali opened a small store under the name Naosuh Kayali Company that sold watches and gold in the downtown area of Amman. A champion of family value and tradition, Nasouh Kayali made sure his sons, Samir and Tareq, were involved in the family business from early on, teaching them lessons that would prove to be invaluable in their later careers.

In 1989, Nasouh Kayali passed away and his two sons took over the company, renaming it Nasouh Kayali Sons Co. At the helm of the company, Samir and Tareq steered Nasouh Kayali Sons Co. to become the retail powerhouse it is today. Instilled with their late father's tradition, values and work ethic - and driven by their own passion - the brothers sought to add global brands to their offering, first starting with the iconic Swatch brand, followed by the other Swatch Group products, OMEGA, Tissot, Calvin Klein and Hamilton.

Samir and Tareq steadily added new brands to Nasouh Kayali Sons Co. portofolio, including Swiss, Italian, and French names, which led to a decision in 2000 to split the company into two specialized subunits: Kayali Jewelry for jewelry and Time Center for watches. The new company structure allowed the new subunit Time Center to distinguish itself from the company's jewelry retail side and embark on its mission to become the country's watch specialists by offering top quality watches for every taste and budget.