Patek Philippe || 5 Reasons Why



Purchasing a watch is no easy decision, well I guess it could be easy if you chose to go with the flow and mimic the choices of the ladies in your social circle or the influencers on your Instagram feed…

After all you’re sure to get an instant seal of approval. You could however take some time out and truly revel in the process of buying a watch. Understanding the mechanics and movement of the timepiece, the history of it and what makes it so very you.

Which brings me to the Patek Philippe brand.. Boy has it been a steep learning curve getting to know the nitty gritty of this fine watch. What at face value seems to be yet another super-luxury watch which you probably can’t afford, reserved for the oldest and wealthiest echelons of society, has now become a supremely desirable watch, not because IG told me so.. Here are my 5 reasons why:


1 || The Elephant in the Room || The Price


Yes I would have to agree that Patek Philippe is an expensive watch. They do range in price however to accommodate a number of budgets. What I feel works really well for the brand is the flexibility of design. Interchangeable bands means that you get more usage from your watch, turning it from formal to casual in about 5 minutes.

In Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker is famously quoted as saying, “I love my money where I can see it, on me.” Well the same applies to a Patek Philippe watch. With the best resale value amongst luxury watches, owning a Patek Philippe is more an investment than a purchase.


2 || There is Something to be Said for Popularity


Like I said, there is no reason to buy something just because its safely approved by society and IG influencers. There is however something to be said for popularity. When something is trending it carries a certain positive energy with it. As humans we are driven to be part of something greater than ourselves. Well the Patek Philippe watch is certainly trending….


According to music lyric site Genius, a third of Billboard's Hot 100 songs in 2017 included a reference to Patek Philippe (not just hip hop). That number outpaced other luxury watchmakers and the show goes on. Patek has a staggering 13 chart-toppers mentioning the brand so far in 2018.


3 || What Does Your Watch Really Say About You


Other than the obvious, “I’m wearing a Patek Philippe watch, therefore I was approved by the company, which by default means I’m amazing.” Patek Philippe famously requests an application form be filled by potential buyers, which then needs to be approved before purchase.

A watch is a reflection of how you see the world. In the history books, people’s watches have often been referenced, take Queen Victoria’s Patek Philippe pocket watch. Or the Patek Philippe pocket watch that Franklin Theodore Roosevelt chose to gift the Dalai Lama, or of course the multi-million dollar vintage Patek Philippe Angelina Jolie gifted to Brad Pitt on the occasion of their now defunct marriage. A watch says something about you, so ultimately what is it that you want to be saying…


4 || The Luxury of Craftsmanship


In today’s extraordinarily fast paced world, making a Patek Philippe watch is particularly slow. The process is almost savored, taking anywhere between 9 months and 2 years to complete a single watch and involves more than 1035 persons. Each element of the watch is is hand-finished, a true luxury in this day and age. What would you have a Mc Donald’s or a Brisket Burger?


5 || R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


We couldn’t help but include a little Aretha Franklin…

The capitalist world is known for cutting corners. For shining their outer surface while leaving the concealed insides dusty and lacking. This is precisely why I feel inclined to pay some serious r.e.s.p.e.c.t. to the Patek Philippe watch …

Their superior workmanship, and stellar design is an ode to their authenticity as a brand. It gives us confidence and the market as well, again, Patek Philippe has the highest resale value amongst all luxury watch brands.

Patek Philippe pride themselves on their complicated watchmaking. A term referencing how the watch actually works on the inside. In the watchmaking world, complicated watchmaking is the supreme test of the designer’s expertise and watchmaker’s skill.

I often jokingly tell myself that the reason to buy a Patek Philippe isn’t ‘complicated’ at all… They cover both bases, aesthetic and workmanship. The Patek packs a proud punch, filled to the brim with complicated watchmaking, the surface remains calm and collected, an ode to its sophistication and serenity. Allowing the craftsmanship to speak for itself, the subtle nuances in design are a reminder that great things speak for themselves...