Aya Barqawi

Fashion Influencer

Aya Barqawi is a designer / blogger / content creator / and the creative mind behind, so just a whole bunch of things mashed up into one. She started blogging because she just loves being creative and wanted to be able to share her new ideas, inspirations and trends on a bigger platform. Her inspiration is normally driven by a very minimalistic, modern and clean view. Just simplicity overall, that is where she is most comfortable. She basically lives to be inspired and is constantly looking for new inspiration whether it be through travelling and exploring, photography or simply the people she meets and the places she visits every day.Taking on new challenges is exhilarating to her and she always finds herself looking for some new exciting project to engage in.On her collaboration with Time Center, Aya said: "having the creative freedom as to how I shoot everything and style/edit the shots was liberating"