Noor Qutub

Fashion Influencer

Completing an undergrad degree in Media with Culture and Identity, Noor was automatically drawn into the concept of New Media and its effective role in the new digital world.

Although seeing a repetitive style of content on uncountable profiles, she saw things in a perspective that differed from the usual scenes on social media.

Noor is  a child of two countries with deep cultures and vibrant personalities, Afghanistan and Palestine. Staying close to her roots, yet spending most my time in London, she has developed quite a particular and original taste for perspective, fashion, and lifestyle.

She began her blog as a platform where she can express her ways and visions, what she loves and how she captures them while sharing her journey. Cocktail noor is quite the mixture of places to go, inspirational outfits to try, photographs with stories to read, brands to take notice of,  all portrayed in a fun and colorful, non-monotonous, and completely truthful manner.