Yazeed Abu Failat

TV Presenter

Popular for his charisma and charm, you cannot miss Yazeed Abu Failat collaboration with Time Center across various brands such as Pandora, Swatch and Traser. 


One of Roya TV’s most lovable and recognizable faces, especially in Caravan. Yazeed is cool and spontaneous. He’s presenting style appeals to a diverse audience, which has earned him spots on multiple popular Roya TV shows. He playfully interacts with his co-presenters and dishes out the latest news of interest to Jordanian youth. Yazeed has many experiences in addition to Caravan, as he joined the special presenter Dana Abu Khader in presenting "نجم الأردن" besides "ست النكهات" and Ramadan’s Studio that are both broadcasted on Roya TV during Ramadan. He also had couple of different segments within Caravan like "سنك ماضي" and "اطلع عن طورك".